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My name is Christophe Blondel, I'm mostly known around as CarboHydroM. I've been writing music for as long as I can remember and releasing some of it on the Internet for the past 19 years and counting. Although I enjoy writing music in many styles, I specialise in guitar-driven pieces, so most of the songs that I've released to the public are rock or metal based.

I've gathered a few of my works here for you to hear. I do not take contract work anymore because of my current post, but you can hit me up anytime over email or use one of the social links up there in the top bar if you feel more comfortable with it.

Audio reel

This is a collection of tracks that I've written either for fun or for specific projects. It features various styles, ranging from cinematic metal to raw chiptune. Each song comes with a short description about the context it's supposed to work with.

More music ?

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