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Crunch time ! - Picture

Crunch time !

April 12, 2014

So we have entered April, my most busy month in 2014 yet, and it's time to give you guys an overview of how things are going so far.
Latest news from Other Side

As you may already know, Other Side (concept art shown) is a fun 2D multiplayer "dash 'n' catch" game, that I helped out creating back in January this year. The game has been making steady progress lately, and the development team is requesting feedback from the gaming community ! A permanent server is up so that you can try the game for FREE at your leisure. Tell your friends !

To help further spreading the word about the game, I've also made this guitar arrangement of the music from the game. It's based on the gameplay trailer music that I wrote for it. Enjoy !

TMNT4 Turles In Time album : Shell Shocked

I spoke a bit of it earlier this year : this album gathering many great musicians from the VGM community to arrange the soundtrack from Turtle In Time (both the SNES and Sega Genesis versions), and directed by Kyle Crouse, is finally out for everybody to enjoy !

You won't directly see my usual remixer name on it by the way, as I'm part of the virtual VGM band called "The Snugglemen" (SnappleMan, Omigadrive, Wild_Cat, and myself). Our song is a monstrous medley blazing full speed through many themes from the games, namely Sky Palace, Starbase ~ Where No Turtle Has Gone Before (Stage 9 BGM), Theme of Half Shell, and Tournament Opening.

I sneaked into the lineup really two weeks before the final deadline, to help finishing the arrangement SnappleMan and Omigadrive had started, mostly glue it together with nicely programmed drums, record most of the guitars (Omigadrive played leads with me during the duelling solos though) and mix the whole thing. That was back in November last year.

Get the album for FREE from OverClocked ReMix and if possible listen to it while eating pizza (it will make it taste better !).

Prime Legacy status
1. Title Screen - "Fire Curtain" 100%
2. Menu - "Oath" 10%
3. Chapter 1 - "Unbreakable Wings" 100%
4. Chapter 1 Boss - "Hypnosis" 100%
5. Chapter 2 - "Deep Blue Dreams" 100%
6. Chapter 2 Boss - "Asphyxia" 100%
7. Chapter 3 - "Primordial Soup" 100%
8. Chapter 3 Boss - "Thanatophobia" 100%
9. Chapter 4 - "Final Departure" 100%
10. Chapter 4 Boss - "Catharsis" 100%
11. Epilogue - "Everlasting" 0%
12. Credits - "Shining Ashes" 100%
Artwork 0%

As of now, everything is still going the way I planned it. Only 2 tracks and the cover art remain to be done, and they should be by the end of April, leaving a couple weeks free to manage various release related stuff before the target date, sometime in May.

Perhaps you noticed that some track contexts in the album have changed. Track 11 and 12 were originally meant to be the "credits" and "ranking" themes respectively, but in order to make the listening experience more interesting, I decided to make an "epilogue" theme, and close the album with the "credits" one.

In other news related to Prime Legacy, after attempting to contact several labels, I'm happy to announce that the album will in the end go to OverClocked Records. Now all I have to do is to crunch enough time within what remains of this month to make sure that I hit the deadline !

And about this so-called 10th Anniversary thingy ?

I saved it for last ! Well it's still a bit early to say more as I'm still in the process of recording it at the moment, but a very special VGM arrangement is coming your way. It's got something to do with my very first appearance on VGMix, back in 2004. If all goes well, I'll put together a trailer before the end of the month to get you guys at least half as excited as I am !

Looking forward to letting you guys hear all this music ! In the meantime, please bear with me !

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