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February updates - Picture

February updates

Feb. 28, 2014

I hope February's been good to you, at least as good as it was to me. I have a few things to talk about today, let's take them into order.

Incoming chiprock awesomeness : an album title !
1. Title Screen 0%
2. Menu 0%
3. Chapter 1 100%
4. Chapter 1 Boss 100%
5. Chapter 2 100%
6. Chapter 2 Boss 100%
7. Chapter 3 100%
8. Chapter 3 Boss 100%
9. Chapter 4 100%
10. Chapter 4 Boss 10%
11. Credits 0%
12. Rankings 0%

Prime Legacy.

That's the title of this album of combined NES chiptunes and guitars that I've been working on like crazy during the past two months. And this is how I'll refer to it from now on, instead of "Project C".

So how is the project doing ? It's tough to keep up with everything going on but so far everything went rather smoothly, I'm still right on schedule and aiming at a release mid-May.

This album is written like the soundtrack of an old-school arcade shooter game (my favorite game genre ever), with tracks for a few of the key settings you usually find in them. And as you can see here, I have already all the "stage" music down, and sometime in March, all the "boss" one will be done too. So this is definitely going very well.

New remixes home page goes live !

This is very fresh news. This month I worked on a new, leaner version of my good old CarboHydroM arrangements home page. Most people go to Youtube to listen to these nowadays and my site is left for download purpose only, so I figured it would be more practical to have everything gathered on a single page.

Now you hit the home page, you can immediately download the song of your choice. Go have a look !

New social link : Facebook

After Twitter last year, and after a couple people told me I should have a Facebook page, well I finally yielded and got one ! You can go there for inside news if it's more convenient for you, I'll post stuff as often as I can. It's up there in the social links hub bar, along with the others.

Celebrations for 10 years of remixes

Now back to more fun. As I said in an earlier post, this year I'll be celebrating the 10th Anniversary of my CarboHydroM video game music arrangements. Although I started making remixes in my little corner of Earth way before that, it's really in 2004 that I first posted an audio song on VGMix (May), and entered my long loved Dwelling of Duels competition (December).

I've made up my mind about releasing cool stuff for the occasion, and I actually started working on it, so this is taking shape seriously this time. Gather clues here and there and you may be able to guess ! Either way, you can expect a teaser of some sort during the next months, which will feature bits of audio delight - both about this project and the Prime Legacy.

All in all : stay tuned !

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