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2013 retrospective and 2014 take-off ! - Picture

2013 retrospective and 2014 take-off !

Jan. 1, 2014

Welcome !

What better day than the first of the year to launch this new home page ? I've been working on it like crazy during the Christmas holidays so that it's good to go.

Why a new website ? As you perhaps already know, during the past years, I was working as a sysadmin during the day and sometimes produced video game remixes, that I released here. I left my job earlier in 2013 and am now taking my chances working as a full time music composer. Hence this new home page, where you will find everything you want to know and more.

Browsing the site is pretty straightforward. You can use the top bar menu to reach either of the three sections available, or one of those other networks I'm being active on as well. The most relevant area of the site would of course be the audio page, where you can listen to selections of my work, past and present - at least what I'm authorised to share to date. With time, more and more tracks will be there. On the about page, I've assembled relevant information for anybody curious.

So once again welcome !

Samples from last year :

What was this past year like, musically-speaking ? First with the releases :

What else ? Oh yeah, there was also this interview in June, by Rufo & Co, that I translated later to English (you need to enable captions to see subtitles).

But that's not all. I actually cumulated a fair amount of unreleased material, stacking up to 72 minutes of music, for games that are not yet out :

So now, what can we expect from 2014 ?

Simply put, more music ! And yeah, like, lots of it. I already have a couple remixes ideas going, and I intend to work on more original material. In parallel, I'll upload guitar performance videos from time to time, to make my past works shine in a ridiculous new way.

Also, we are now in 2014, and I just want to point out that it's been exactly ten years since I started releasing music on the Internet, as CarboHydroM on VGMix (2004)... A proper celebration would be nice don't you think ? Holy crap, when I think that some of you have been sticking with me for so many years, I feel SO grateful ! Thanks a lot my friends !

And it's in excited anticipation that before signing off, I wish you all a great year ! Take care of yourselves, and stay healthy ! Stay tuned !

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