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MAGFest XIII - Picture


Jan. 29, 2015

Saying that I'm a nerd would be an understatement, as I just went to the US for the first time ever, for MAGFest only. This is a fact, I did go to the other end of the world to attend a video game music festival, but above all else, meet many online friends, some of which I've known for more than 10 years. All these years, I've read their stories about the festival, and today I can finally get to tell you mine ! It is truly a wonderful experience, one that I want to live again as soon as I can.

Going to MAGFest and back, as a foreigner newbie

My coming to the festival was a bit adventurous. I love going on a trip with little to no intel, and searching for my way on the go, improvising. That's exactly what happened. I had packed in a rush because of lots of stuff to take care of before my departure; my flight from Marseille was initially cancelled a few hours before leaving my place, and fortunately I was registered on another. Things started to become fun once I entered the US, with my being kept too long in the passport check line, and missing the last buses from one of the metro stations that could lead me to the Gaylord center. After some trial and error, I finally arrived at the giant hotel, and it was night already.

Then on the way back at the end of the week-end, more fun happened. I basically had to take the same itinerary but reverse. I just once again missed a few details, like where the bus stops were located. I was in a hurry, after taking some extra time to hang out with the awesome Kirby's Dream Band crew at lunch. I missed the bus at one stop and had to run in town to reach the other one. After that I waited at the wrong spot in Washington DC, until I thought something was not right... Anyway, it all worked out in the end !

I've gathered tips to avoid the pitfalls I faced myself this time, see below.

Steps to get to the Gaylord center (when landing at Dulles International Airport)
Steps to go back to Dulles from the Gaylord center
Great memories never to be forgotten

First, MAGFest is all about people that you get to meet. And I was totally spoiled. Not only did I get to share a suite with the kindest of people, but pretty much as soon as I got to the festival, I kept shaking hands and hugging long time online friends I had never seen in the flesh, and whose music had been so dear to me during the past 10 years. I made new friends too, as the place was crawling with video game music enthusiasts and extremely talented musicians. I got the pleasure to hang out with guys and gals I knew from the VGMix 2.0 era and OverClocked ReMix community, but especially from the Shizz bulletin board, where I sometimes lurk, and where the Dwelling of Duels, my favorite music competition, was born in 2003. I can't describe how intense it was for me. I can't wait to go back and hang out with them again, play games together, and jam whenever we can. I'll miss them for a whole year.

Second, MAGFest is about panels and concerts, about video games and their music. I had my share of great stuff to see, believe me. About the bands I finally got to see live on stage, relentlessly headbanging to their performances until my neck breaks, here are a couple ones :

As for panels, I did not get to see a lot of them, but made sure I could attend at least :

Like every year, a special live Dwelling of Duels listening party took place, and this time I was there too. The theme was "Dancing", so everybody arranged game music in a dancy way, and it was a blast, although I did not enter the contest myself.

Last but not least, even though I had not brought an instrument with me, I still got to borrow one here or there and jam with friends on video game tunes for a little while.

To do next time

Going to MAGFest without knowing the ins and outs of the festival lead me to miss out on stuff. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the main stuff I'll have to think about for next time.

At the end of the day

I had the time of my life, and came back home 10 years younger. I should have sold all my belongings to go earlier. I feel so lucky to be part of such a great community. I'll go again next year, better prepared for everything. I've got to start saving money now !

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