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Prime Legacy pre-release listening party announced ! - Picture

Prime Legacy pre-release listening party announced !

May 7, 2014

Prime Legacy, my upcoming chiptune rock album, will be finally out on May 19th, the exact day when I submitted my first VGM guitar arrangement on VGMix, 10 years earlier ! It was "The Imprisoning War", a very poorly mixed punk take on the Hyrule Castle theme from The Legend of Zelda : A Link to the Past.

Now, in celebration of all these past years rocking out to video game tunes, we'll be holding a pre-release listening party on Arecibo Radio, on May 18th, 6PM EST, and the awesome KyleJCrb will host it ! Those of you who join us there will get to hear Prime Legacy in full before its official release to the world, as well as this mysterious revisited arrangement from the past !

For your comfort, a Facebook event is up. Either way, hoping to see you there !

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