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An album in the making ! Working title : "Project C" - Picture

An album in the making ! Working title : "Project C"

Jan. 7, 2014

It's always when I'm in the middle of something else, and usually something important - here making a sound design demo with stuff I recorded in the field during Christmas holidays - that inspiration strikes.

Since it's been a few days now and I have almost 3 tracks down, I can safely say that I'm past the point of no return, and that it's really turning into an original album affair. Remember the NES-rock demo I released lately, called "Unbreakable Wings" ? Imagine an album made of songs with this same vibe, and you know more or less what I have in mind !

For convenience, starting now let's call it "Project C" (like in chiptunes) as a working title. The concept is as follow : 12 tracks, each of these standing as the hypothetic background music to a specific setting in a retro-shmup game that does not exist !

At the current time, tracks #3 ("Unbreakable Wings" that I mentioned above) and #4 are complete, and track #5 is about mid-done, so I know where this is going. And I can tell that I'm not going to sleep much this year !!

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