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Wrapping up 2014, what next ? - Picture

Wrapping up 2014, what next ?

Jan. 5, 2015

It sure has been a little quiet during the second half of last year, considering the few notable releases I did during the first one ! The main cause is that after one year and a half my full time composer activity was not sustainable and I had to go back to working as a software developer at the same time. I'll try again later !

I did not stop making music though, and since mid-December I've started rolling out some of my backlog at last. So if you think you've missed something since Prime Legacy and the resurrected Unsealed, which both reached the major online music stores by now, read on to catch up !

Unsealed Video
First, the big one ! It's the main thing that has been holding me from posting stuff here to be honest. A few days ago, I finally posted the long awaited game footage video for Unsealed online. It's basically made of specially arranged scenes from A Link to the Past, so that each part of my long medley can be well illustrated. Staying true to the motto I introduced back in May when the album version came out, I called it a "musical playthrough". Of course we're speaking of Unsealed, and it's a 20 minutes movie, but with images from the game, I think it's a lot more fun to listen to it all the way through. Anyway, the thing is up on Youtube, check it out !

DownRight Fierce

A project by a friend of mine from California, Eddy Fettig, aiming at producing a graphic novel concept inspired by series like Street Fighter, Avatar, and Kill La Kill. I wrote some music for its Kickstarter campaign, but unfortunately, it was not funded. The project is still alive, but it will take more time for the story to come out. In the meantime, you can get familiar with it and listen to the funky synth song I wrote here on Youtube.

Zombie Night Terror

Zombie Night Terror is a stunning pixel-art-driven lemmings-like indie game that is actively being developed by people from my very town, Marseille. After bringing some music and (quiet) sound effects to its debut trailer, I brought some more to the game prototype before it was submitted to the Indie Game Festival behind the scenes. Now wait and see.

Road Warrior

If you're into chiptune, this is for you. In October 2014, the Russian netlabel 8081 released its final compilation, and one of my original songs is in the tracklist. You can listen to it (or even download it, it's free) on Soundcloud. I wrote it with a racing game in mind, with melodic accents inspired by Mega Man games, and it can be played by NES hardware too.

Super VG Christmas Party

Have you heard of this super compilation called "Super VG Christmas Party" that was released in December before the holidays ? It was produced by Ian Luckey, and features more than 100 artists, for a total of 42 songs. Being part of that massive lineup, I took the opportunity to rework one of my favorite themes from Mega Man on NES : the Ice Man stage's. The song is called "Flight Of Santa Man" (just imagining Ice Man in red with a beard being pulled in the night sky by mecha-reindeers did the trick), and let me tell you, it's quite groovy !

Divided Infinity

Coded Emotion is a young team of video game enthusiasts, and it's been a few years since I've started making music for one of their most ambitious project, a story-based RPGMaker game called Divided Infinity. Although by now the project has been announced publicly, there is still little information available around. But I should be able to release a couple original songs I wrote for the game pretty soon, if all goes well. I'll tell you more by then.

Second Legacy

If you liked Prime Legacy, perhaps at some point you wished the game was real. I still want to leave people free to imagine their own version of this fictional shooter, so that the experience remains personal. But what if there was a sequel to it ? Why not make a real game this time ?

Hence the name. Second Legacy is the spiritual sequel to Prime Legacy, except this time the game actually exists. I've written the whole thing, without relying on a game engine, and although it does not have fancy graphics or polished audio, it's already quite... playable. I'll post updates here whenever interesting stuff happens !


Hehe I saved this for last, because of my excitement. For years, I've wanted to go, well something like 8 years I think. This year all planets are aligned, I can go, and I will. If you also make it to the festival, meet you there !

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